Founded in New Zealand in 2009, we are the authors of brilliant, innovative software solutions.

The FaceMe journey started with simply making face to face conversations more accessible to employees and their customers - taking IT out of the equation when companies wanted to talk internally, and most importantly, externally.

FaceMe were the pioneer's of real-time video communications in the web browser.  

Today: Our global platform provides frictionless customer experiences that connect people to front line support in the most useful, immediate and personal way possible.

We are passionate about developing world leading technology that delivers amazing user experiences that address the growing demand for a personalisation, without delay and complex navigation.

A FaceMe Digital Employee delivers substantial uplift in customer satisfaction, retention and sales. FaceMe Digital Employees are custom built to work with best in class AI services and components to satisfy specific job roles & customer outcomes through online, retail and mobile interfaces. We believe this is the future of front-line support.

We pride ourselves on having an amazing team of incredible talent, we have built a history of punching well above our weight and continue to find passion in challenging the norm and pioneering the next generation of technologies.  We have simple values, including an absolute passion for customer experience, integrity, efficiency and quality.  We all strive to enforce a high energy environment which is challenging, where risk is encouraged and every member of the team aims for excellence.

Some of our Key Talent: