Founded in New Zealand in 2009, we are the authors of brilliant, innovative software solutions.

The FaceMe journey started with simply making video more accessible to employees and their customers - taking IT out of the equation when companies wanted to talk internally, and most importantly, externally.

FaceMe were the pioneer's of real-time video communications in the web browser.  

We know that the best employees and customers demand a collaborative culture to be able to do what they do, well.  FaceMe  develop a global platform which gives employees & their customers an immediate, simple & always-accessible tool to make decisions & have meaningful conversations without the historical technology barriers.  We are passionate about the evolution of human interaction and passionately believe in our ability to create the worlds first completely frictionless communications platform in a way that is open for anyone to integrate to and benefit from.

We have come a long way & continue to grow, innovate & break the boundaries of user & customer experience through amazing innovative solutions, integrating with some of the most state of the art technology in the world.

The world is getting smaller, we know that video is the most useful, immediate & personal way to communicate. We never lose sight of the incredible difference a collaboration centric culture provides to people all around the world.

Samsung Springboard finalist - 2015