A FaceMe Digital Employee can instantly escalate your customers to your contact centre operations through simple & intuitive integration to existing contact centre infrastructure.

As customer desires for immediacy drives them further away from your people and personality, it becomes exponentially more difficult to create lasting, loyal customer relationships.

We know that the contextual (non-verbal) information available to Agents and Customers in both a Sales and a Service interaction, can increase the likelihood to have a successful outcome by up to 400%.  Customer surveys have shown over 85% of people choose video as a channel of choice after their first interaction.

When escalating to a real person, FaceM creates a real time digital relationship between your highly skilled contact centre team and your customers, with the ability to easily share video, audio & content through their browser or mobile app.


Consolidate Subject Matter Experts

FaceMe can extend your hours, and give customers access to specialists from anywhere in the world

Increase Sales Closure Rates

Video allows us to establish trust and credibility - our customers tell us this means up to 400% higher sales closure rates vs. traditional channels

Build Relationships

Understanding context, and having tools to share content and information means agents can be more accurate and help customers to be successful

Video enables us to create unique customer experiences. What we are finding through customer feedback is that they are really enjoying the experience!
— Harry Ferreira - Head of Small Business, Bank of New Zealand