Customer service is often where organisations thrive or fail. Many organisations are challenged by customers’ growing expectations for immediacy and how to offer this in a scalable and relevant way.  Self service solutions have been the focus for many years to address this problem; however, relationship, insights and the experience with these interfaces often impacts on churn, re-work and reduced sales opportunities.

FaceMe Eeva is a world leading conversational platform. It will seamlessly integrate into your existing contact centre technology and be available without download on any website, Kiosk or mobile application service.

Through this platform we can deliver the following outcomes that will help organisations realise immediate and meaningful experiences with their customers:

  • Centralise expertise, reducing cost and skill shortage challenges, whilst maintaining quality face to face engagement with customers via a video and collaboration.
  • Proven increased sales conversation rates over video as opposed to chat or audio only (Some of our customers are experiencing over 4x higher)
  • Significantly reduced hold times due to high volumes of interactions being managed through a AI virtual assistant experience – via phone or online
  • Instant and relevant service for customers, with cognitive learning to improve on every single engagement
  • Reduced staff costs for low value or high volume service requirements
  • Visual analytics to measure success across all customer interactions with agents and virtual assistants.


AI Powered Virtual Assistant

FaceMe's Virtual Assistant platform is designed to give your customers a conversational interface which enables personal, immediate & human-like experiences.  Combined with AI powered learning, this considerably increases the scope and accuracy of digital self-service tools, ultimately reducing overflow into costly customer care.

Virtual Agents are designed for your business with custom avatars, voices and intelligence tailored to your requirements.  To have a chat to one of our Customer Experience experts about what this means for your business - fill in the contact us form below and we can give you a call...
“We have been developing a world leading platform that will support meaningful human and AI experiences. Our conversational insights technology will learn from any conversation connected to the contact centre and will use this combined with emotional insight (see and hear) to provide the most accurate experience available.”
— Danny Tomsett - CEO, FaceMe