Accessibility - enhancing the Customer Experience for all

Accessibility - enhancing the Customer Experience for all

With last Thursday 18 May being Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), it had me reflecting on my last 20 years working on customer facing services including kiosks, websites, online services and mobile applications. 

As Sean Fitzgerald, a member of the NDIA Digital Innovation Reference Group often states, “If it works for Us (people with disabilities), it will work for all”. - Press 0 to speak to a "real" person - Press 0 to speak to a "real" person

The ability to be human makes the difference. To go beyond a search for data, to recognise a caller's intentions and respond conversationally, immediately and professionally.

FaceMe create real-time, natural interfaces to AI that are engaging and personal yet immensely scalable.

Some highlights of the NDIS Nadia project

Some highlights of the NDIS Nadia project

FaceMe played an integral role in the development of the ground-breaking technology behind Nadia after being brought on board by the Australian Government’s NDIA Technology Authority and Department of Human Services to provide  cognitive services integration with IBM Watson and a real-time delivery platform that delivers a face to face conversation with Nadia over the internet. - Blanchett brings NDIS character to life - Blanchett brings NDIS character to life

Cate Blanchett the NDIS and FaceMe have been working on some world firsts!

Oscar winning actress Cate Blanchett has injected some Hollywood stardom into the national disability insurance scheme.

"Blanchett has taken on the voice role of Nadia, an online virtual assistant who can speak, write and chat online while answering common questions about the NDIS

"I have disability very close to me in my family," Blanchett said in a promotional video, when asked why she took on the role.

The avatar character has been co-designed with people with disabilities.

Nadia already understands thousands of questions and her knowledge bank will grow with more interactions.

Nadia will start on a trial basis on the NDIS's participant portal website in coming months and it's expected to take 12 months before she's fully operational."

The new FaceMe Cloud network

The largest connected Video eco-system in the world

FaceMe's Global Edge Node architecture means that where-ever you are in the world, you can connect with the highest quality & lowest latency in the world.

We have implemented a fully connected cloud platform which ensures that you only have to worry about the internet connection to the closest FaceMe point of presence.  When connecting people all around the world, we look after the international bandwidth so everyone has a 'local' experience.

Example of an international call on the FaceMe Cloud network

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Check out some great little User Experience Updates with v3.2!

We have been listening to our customers and a few tweaks have been put into v3.2 to make navigation and meeting control easier.  Here's a couple of highlights!

Higher Quality Video & Audio

  • The team has been working hard at updating video and audio quality.  HD Video and Audio are now standard on all interfaces.

Lobby Management Updates

  • Your virtual meeting lobby is now much more noticeable & you can easily let your meeting attendees or 'open' the door of your room to bypass the lobby

Join & Dial Samsung.png

A 'dial in' option from our mobile apps

  • Simply hitting the 'dial in' button when joining a meeting from iOS or Android will seamlessly join you into the meeting via good old fashioned Audio-Only.

Great when you're driving or have limited coverage!

Coming in 3.2

FaceMe's revolutionary Cloud Network!

A Brand New Android Experience

FaceMe Eeva - connect with your customers through AI & Video

..... Plus lots more!

The rise of the Huddle Room - check out FaceMe Rooms with v3.2!

We know that employees and customers are more successful in a collaborative culture.  With ever increasing expectations to have access to technology immediately, meeting room technology is scaling into more spaces throughout the organisation.

FaceMe Meetings 3.2 includes the ability to access the custom built FaceMe Rooms interface for any size meeting room.

FaceMe Rooms is designed to be able to consolidate all of the disparate technology in meeting rooms to give staff a simple interface to be able to:

  • Simplify login and access to your personal VMR through 'proximity' integration with your smart-device
  • Share Content (static and dynamic)
  • Invite anyone to join via video or audio from any device

FaceMe Rooms are now included to all customers with a FaceMe VMR - give us a call to help set you up!

Check out a quick demo of the new FaceMe Huddle Room...