Check out some great little User Experience Updates with v3.2!

We have been listening to our customers and a few tweaks have been put into v3.2 to make navigation and meeting control easier.  Here's a couple of highlights!

Higher Quality Video & Audio

  • The team has been working hard at updating video and audio quality.  HD Video and Audio are now standard on all interfaces.

Lobby Management Updates

  • Your virtual meeting lobby is now much more noticeable & you can easily let your meeting attendees or 'open' the door of your room to bypass the lobby

Join & Dial Samsung.png

A 'dial in' option from our mobile apps

  • Simply hitting the 'dial in' button when joining a meeting from iOS or Android will seamlessly join you into the meeting via good old fashioned Audio-Only.

Great when you're driving or have limited coverage!

Coming in 3.2

FaceMe's revolutionary Cloud Network!

A Brand New Android Experience

FaceMe Eeva - connect with your customers through AI & Video

..... Plus lots more!