Dynamic Healthcare & Education

 Digital Humans can augment human activity and fulfill functions that have historically fallen through the cracks, due to a lack of consistent and specialized human engagement.  They can be trained in any number of healthcare and education roles. They can also assimilate an endless amount of data and provide a non-judgmental, empathetic interface.

The Healthcare / Educational Coach

Augmenting healthcare and educational services with personalized advice and assistance.

"I think about improving your life (save you money, recommend upgraded products and services)l."

The Digital Diagnostics Expert

Enhancing the speed of diagnostics using AI.

  • Empathy-based diagnostics
  • Diagnostics - decision-tree based criteria 
  • Triage services delivered with empathy and understanding

The Employee Assistant

Empowering telco employees to deliver great outcomes for customers.

  • Provide employees with on-demand training
  • HR assistance, including employee wellness
  • Augmented training and development programmes
  • Facilitate debt collection
  • Partner with call center clients as first point of contact 

The User Assistant

Providing democratized access to information for everyone.

  • Assisted navigation of websites in browser 
  • Easy completion of forms via voice