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Introducing the

Omni-channel Digital Workforce


Conversational experiences that redefine customer service.

Bringing back the one-to-one customer experience (CX) that your clients love...

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Banking Customers

89% of banking customers get frustrated if they have to repeat themselves to different representatives


85% of customer interactions will be without a human by 2025

Banking CX

89% of banks now rate CX as their key differentiator

Customer Retention

Telcos with strong omni-channel CX strategies retain 89% of their customers

Omni-channel CX

Successful omni-channel CX strategies lead to an 8% annual decrease in cost-per-customer contact

Telco Customers

66% of Telco customers churn following a poor CX

Omni-channel Digital Employees

A Digital Employee helps customers navigate self-service tasks through voice, chat and video in the most natural, personal and human way possible.


FaceMe - your Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered platform

Our Omni-channel Digital Employees are designed to deliver a consistent customer experience across every platform.

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Who We Work With

Organizations are in need of cost-effective solutions that can meet the increasing benchmark of great customer experience.

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Quotation Marks

In 10 years, if you’re not using some sort of AI-enhanced assistant, it will be like not being on the Internet today.

- Kaza Razat PWC

We expect AI, machine learning and VPAs to be one of the major strategic battlegrounds from 2017 onwards, and make many mobile apps fade and become sub-servants of VPAs.

- Annette Zimmermann Gartner

Conversational interfaces are being increasingly used by many types of organisations as an addition or replacement for more traditional methods of customer support including IVR and call centres.

- David Schubmehl IDC


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