MEDIA RELEASE: FaceMe featured in Top 10 TIN Report

MEDIA RELEASE: FaceMe featured in Top 10 TIN Report

The TIN Report monitors the performance of New Zealand’s 200 (TIN100 and Next100) largest technology exporters in the areas of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), High-tech Manufacturing and Biotechnology.

NEWS: 'Digital human' tech to showcase Kiwi innovation globally (NBR)

NBR has featured an interview of Vodafone’s Helen van Orton - Customer Operations Director - about why they’re using FaceMe’s Digital Human platform to evolve their customer experience.

Excerpt from NBR:

A new “digital human” customer service system won’t replace Vodafone’s humans but will display Kiwi innovation on a global scale.

Vodafone will be the first global telecommunications company to launch what it calls an Intelligent Digital Human (IDH), powered by New Zealand technology company FaceMe. The IDH, whose identity will be revealed in the coming months, will enable customers to benefit from self-service options and free up time for staff to address more complex customer needs.

Watch the full feature above.

Original video supplied by NBR.

BLOG: Shifting the dialogue beyond business


Danny Tomsett, CEO FaceMe. Marie Johnson, Centre for Digital Business.

“Artificial Intelligence will be central to solving humanity's grand challenges. Solutions to pressing problems related to health and wellbeing, education, energy, environment, and other domains can be found by capitalising on the unprecedented quantities of data and recent progress in emerging AI technologies.”

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NEWS: I can’t be in three places at once: but cloned banker shows you can

 Source: The Times UK

Source: The Times UK

The Times, London, has featured FaceMe’s Digital Human for UBS bank.

UBS clients will be able to call up a video image of Daniel Kalt, which has been programmed to answer questions that the real Mr Kalt has schooled it to deliver.

The clone has been hailed as a development that could redefine the delivery of advice and the future of work itself. It is believed to be the first time that a global bank has offered an avatar of a top executive to clients.

UBS used Face Me, a New Zealand artificial intelligence company, with IBM to build the digital clone. It was created after images of Mr Kalt’s head were recorded for half a day, using more than 120 high-definition professional cameras on a special scanning rig. The digital rendering is of such detail that some clients might think that they are looking at a video of a real person on a conference call, although the experience is designed not to deceive them.

Read the full article here.

NEWS: Robot investment advice arrives using New Zealand technology


NewsHub has featured FaceMe’s Digital Human platform, used most recently for UBS bank.

The age of so-called 'robot investment advice' is here with a Swiss bank using Kiwi technology to roll out a digital financial adviser.

And it's not just any human. The bank's chief economist, Daniel Kalt, has been copied so he can be called to offer his opinion to wealthy clients, wherever they are in the world.

The Swiss bank is offering the avatar  - developed by Kiwi company FaceMe  - to clients who come in for a consultation.

Click here to play the full feature.

NEWS: Swiss bank digitally ‘clones’ chief economist

The NY Post has featured a FaceMe designed Digital Human for UBS bank.

It’s the perfect employee.

A Swiss investment bank has digitally cloned its chief economist — so he can help multiple clients with urgent questions, all at the same time.

UBS is offering the avatar of Daniel Kalt to 100 clients at its branch in central Zurich, as part of a trial run for a project known as UBS Companion, according to reports.

The digital likeness was created after taking pictures of Kalt’s head in a half-day-long photoshoot using 120 HD cameras on a special scanning rig, the Australian Financial Review reported.

FaceMe, an artificial intelligence company, built the igital vatar for UBS using IBM technology.

Read the full story here.

NEWS: UBS digitally cloned its chief economist so he wouldn't miss his meetings

 Source: Chris Hondros/Getty Images

Source: Chris Hondros/Getty Images

Fortune magazine has featured a FaceMe designed Digital Human for UBS bank.

UBS Chief Economist Daniel Kalt is in very high demand. So, the Swiss investment bank decided to clone him, digitally at least. Now through a rendering captured by more than 120 high-definition cameras in over a full day of shooting, the company can have Kalt (or at least his likeness) meet with multiple clients at a time via interactive video chat, without ever even stepping foot in the conference room.

New Zealand artificial intelligence expert FaceMe was hired to create the interactive avatar of Kalt that will meet with clients via television screen. UBS told the Financial Review that the project, called UBS Companion, is about “trying to find the best possible combination of human and digital touch.”

The Kalt clone will meet with 100 clients in the Bellevue branch in central Zurich in the near future. 

Read the full story here.

CASE STUDY: Meet Daniel Kalt, the ‘digital double’ of Daniel Kalt, Regional Chief Investment Officer Switzerland

 Screenshot: UBS site 

Screenshot: UBS site 

For its exploration of Human Digital Assistants, UBS partnered with IBM and FaceMe to develop the avatars and the technology supporting them.

How might we enrich client meetings through digital assistants in a meaningful and differentiating way?

UBS is currently exploring the use of human digital assistants to help clients and client advisors find solutions on the spot. Client advisors in Wealth Management Switzerland have started the experiment "UBS Companion" with two newly developed avatars: "Daniel Kalt", a digital version of UBS Regional Chief Investment Officer Switzerland and "Fin", a friendly helper and digital assistant. The avatars, which can interact via voice and eye contact with clients, are being deployed to client meetings via a TV screen. The aim is to explore how to create a new frictionless access to UBS's expertise for clients and to test the use of digital assistants in a wealth management context.

See Daniel Kalt in action – visit the UBS site and watch the video.

Information courtesy of UBS

NEWS: UBS creates digital clone of its chief economist

 USB interacting with their new AI assistant Dani

USB interacting with their new AI assistant Dani

The Australian Financial Review features FaceMe’s work for UBS.

It's a move that could redefine the delivery of advice and the future of work itself: UBS has created a digital clone of its Swiss chief economist, Daniel Kalt. 

It could be the first time any global bank has created an avatar of a staff member to put before clients to answer their questions. 

UBS has trained 10 advisors in its Bellevue branch in central Zurich, to use the digital semblance of Mr Kalt, who will soon be put it in front of 100 clients in the private bank. 

"In the future, we could see UBS advisers in thousands of different rooms, all with Daniel Kalt available as a digital human," said Mark Fitzgerald, the director of government and enterprise at FaceMe, the New Zealand-based AI company that built the avatar for UBS with IBM. 

Read the full story here.

FILM: FaceMe featured in the NZ Story Group’s ‘Ingenuity film’

New Zealand already has a well-deserved reputation for outstanding natural beauty but that’s only a small part of the story. Our nation is filled with artists, businesspeople, entrepreneurs, inventors and innovators whose stories are just as awe inspiring as our landscapes. These are New Zealand’s inside stories. This film in the New Zealand Inside Stories series highlights one of New Zealand’s key values – ingenuity. Sit back pour yourself a cuppa!

Watch it below (FaceMe tech is featured at 2:16):

You can also watch it here

MEDIA: Creating compelling customer experience by adding a human touch to digital interactions


IBM has published a case study on FaceMe’s Digital Humans.

Customers love the speed and convenience of digital channels, but the absence of personal interactions makes it harder for businesses to differentiate themselves. FaceMe uses IBM technologies to create lifelike Digital Humans who respond to spoken inquiries in a natural way – providing help, advice and the all-important “human” touch.”

Analysts estimate that, within ten years, 85 percent of interactions between businesses and their customers will happen through digital channels. While these channels offer speed and convenience at low cost, substituting a digital interaction for a personal one creates a less differentiated customer experience. And with 73 percent of customers ranking quality of experience alongside price and service as a key influencer of brand loyalty, can businesses really afford to give up the opportunity to stand out from their competitors? The stakes are high: churn and revenue loss are the natural consequences of poor customer experience.

What if there were a way to bring the human element into digital interfaces to create compelling interactions? To personalize the digital customer relationship experience at scale? These questions prompted Danny Tomsett, Founder and CEO of FaceMe, to imagine how the positive impact of face-to-face communications in sales could be integrated into digital channels.

“Ultimately, people embody a brand’s values, and the emotional connection with people creates engagement and loyalty,” Tomsett explains. “We believe customer experience is the new currency. By enabling companies to understand emotions, express empathy and converse naturally over digital channels, we aim to help them boost the value of those experiences.”

Drawing on its deep expertise in fields such as computer vision, emotional understanding and real-time animation, FaceMe envisioned an exceptionally ambitious idea: to create realistic, three-dimensional Digital Humans who can understand spoken language, process visual cues about the speaker’s mood, assess the customer’s needs, and respond in a natural way with appropriate facial expressions.

Read the full case study here.

MEDIA RELEASE: FaceMe wins $100 000 investment in Silicon Valley tech competition

 Prizegiving at Launch Festival, Sydney.

Prizegiving at Launch Festival, Sydney.

FaceMe believes digital humans are the future of customer service – and the judges at LAUNCH Festival Sydney agree, on Wednesday awarding  FaceMe ‘Best in category’ and $100 000 in investment as well as an opportunity to participate in the Launch Incubator programme in San Francisco.

LAUNCH Festival has been hosted in Silicon Valley, San Francisco annually for over a decade, attracting 15 000 attendees. This week, the event made its international debut in Sydney, Australia.