CASE STUDY: Meet Josie – New Zealand banking’s first digital personal assistant

Digital Assistant at ASB Bank

josie head.png

ASB was the first in Australasian banking to deploy a digital assistant and they chose FaceMe to design her.

Josie has been designed to assist SME business owners with setting up a business. She was built using FaceMe’s world-leading Digital Employee platform. FaceMe’s avatar technology uses biometrics to learn human interactions and will interact accordingly to ease the customer’s experience

She is currently undergoing her apprenticeship. “SME business owners including those who aren’t ASB customers, will be able to interact with Josie in Auckland business hubs during her training. This will develop Josie’s understanding of the customer needs so that longer-term she’ll be armed with the knowledge she needs to deliver customised assistance to businesses.” (ASB).

Watch Josie in action here.

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