CASE STUDY: Meet Vai – the world’s first digital biosecurity officer

Digital Biosecurity Officer, Ministry of Primary Industries

Vai Face.png

Auckland’s International Airport was the first world-wide to deploy a ‘digital’ biosecurity officer, and they chose FaceMe to design her.

Vai, which stands for Virtual Assistant Interface (Vai), is the first ever Digital Employee to be deployed at an airport and will take some of the load off MPI officers during peak times by answering simple biosecurity questions from the public. Vai frees up officers’ time so they can deal with the really important aspects of their role. She can see, hear and answer arriving international visitors’ questions.

Westpac’s Innovation Fund supported the development of Vai for the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI).

Vai was built using FaceMe’s world-leading Digital Employee platform. FaceMe’s avatar technology uses biometrics to learn human interactions and will interact accordingly to ease the customer’s experience.

Vai is highly conversational and has been trained through every interaction, as well as data available on the website. She embodies the AI experience with human like qualities, including a friendly personality and emotional understanding.

Watch Vai in action: