FaceMe expands its leadership team

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FaceMe’s team of talented individuals continues to grow and strengthen to meet the opportunities ahead.

In March, we welcomed two new faces to our leadership team:

  • Kimberley Gilmour: Our new Chief People Officer

  • Shehan Bala: Our new Director of Product

Both Kim and Shehan bring a wealth of experience and expertise in the tech sector. The pair will have individual opportunities to shape FaceMe’s culture and product development respectively in an exciting period of global growth.

FaceMe Founder and CEO, Danny Tomsett, says the two new additions represent a big step towards strategic success through finding true competitive advantage in calibre of team.

“To be world-changing, you have to be world-leading. I am incredibly proud of the world-changers we have attracted to FaceMe. The talent we have engaged to work for us in order to bring Digital Humans to life for some of the world’s biggest brands includes the world's best AI and creative minds. It’s an incredible symphony of talent to witness and be a part of,” says Danny.

“In Kimberley and Shehan, we have found people who fit the FaceMe brand perfectly, and I’m excited to have them on board.”

But don’t just take our word for it, or Danny’s. We asked Shehan and Kimberley a little bit about themselves, what attracted them to FaceMe and where they’ve come from.


Meet Shehan Bala

Before stepping into the role of Director of Product at FaceMe, Shehan Bala most recently spent four years in product and leadership roles at Xero, and spent almost six years at Datacom before that.

“I was attracted by the opportunity to discover and solve problems in a promising new market,” explains Shehan. “I believe the technology has a lot of potential, and I was keen to help FaceMe along on its journey towards finding a place for digital humans in our world.  

“I had also worked with some FaceMe folk in previous jobs, and it’s always enjoyable to join forces again with great people and collaborate on a different mission.”

A tenured software engineer, he now adds his technical knowledge and leadership skills in guiding FaceMe’s developers.

“As the Director of Product at FaceMe, I’ll be looking to identify ways in which digital humans can add value to people, work with the R&D teams to create solutions that deliver this value, and then support the go-to-market activities required to get digital humans in front of as many real humans as possible,” Shehan continues.

“More aspirationally, as societies gradually hand over greater volumes of decision-making responsibility to artificial intelligence, I wish to be one of the many people who contribute to ensuring that digital humans benefit from the best parts of humanity, and ultimately have our best interests in mind.”

What other influence have on FaceMe? Well, dare we say he could find himself starting the first ever company band? The FaceMe Five perhaps?

“I used to play the violin as a child, and believed that skill would never come in useful until I picked up the electric guitar in adulthood and discovered the value of all that arduous musical theory. I now have a healthy guitar collection and play a fair bit of blues and rock. Probably not well enough to join your band though.”

Kimberley Gilmour B&W.jpg

Meet Kimberley Gilmour

Our new Chief People Officer has fantastic experience in globally expanding teams (no easy task when HR gets spread overseas. Kimberley spent five years at Icebreaker as they expanded significantly into the US, Canada, Europe and the UK. More recently, she led People and Culture at tech-focussed companies Vend and 8i.

“I was immediately attracted to the vision and values of FaceMe—to the passionate focus on solving business problems as well as tackling some of the big challenges facing us as a society” Kimberley explains.

“I met a bunch of people and asked a lot of questions through the interview process, and each interaction and answer I had further fuelled my excitement about the opportunity to join the team.”

Kimberley will now work on making us an even better place to work, and an even more attractive proposition for people with the right skills and personality to join our growing company.

“The ultimate purpose of my role is to ensure we are truly a great place to work—a  place that attracts the very best people and inspires and supports them to contribute, learn, grow and do incredible work,” says Kimberley.

“Initially I’m focussing on building People processes to support our growth, especially in the areas of recruitment, on-boarding, learning and development, recognition and rewards, and doing all of this in a way that integrates and stays true to our values.”

People might also find themselves tapping Kimberley up for advice on where to find the best hiking routes in NZ and abroad—although they might struggle to keep up with her pace.

“Some people would argue that it’s not fun at all, but I really love trail running and hiking. Favourite past adventures include Coast to Coast multisport and Motatapu off-road marathon. More recently I’ve enjoyed walking a few routes of the Camino de Santiago in Spain and the Kumano Kodo in Japan.”

Welcome Shehan and Kimberley!