NEWS: UBS creates digital clone of its chief economist

USB interacting with their new AI assistant Dani

USB interacting with their new AI assistant Dani

The Australian Financial Review features FaceMe’s work for UBS.

It's a move that could redefine the delivery of advice and the future of work itself: UBS has created a digital clone of its Swiss chief economist, Daniel Kalt. 

It could be the first time any global bank has created an avatar of a staff member to put before clients to answer their questions. 

UBS has trained 10 advisors in its Bellevue branch in central Zurich, to use the digital semblance of Mr Kalt, who will soon be put it in front of 100 clients in the private bank. 

"In the future, we could see UBS advisers in thousands of different rooms, all with Daniel Kalt available as a digital human," said Mark Fitzgerald, the director of government and enterprise at FaceMe, the New Zealand-based AI company that built the avatar for UBS with IBM. 

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