NEWS: Digital officer backs up the human side of Auckland airport biosecurity

Westpac’s Innovation Fund supported the development of Vai for MPI, while FaceMe, a New Zealand-based company specialising in AI, developed the technology.

Vai was built using FaceMe’s digital employee platform which offers companies customised Digital Employees, and with training, these ‘employees’ can offer personalised service using natural language.

FaceMe’s avatar technology uses biometrics to learn human interactions and will interact accordingly to ease the customer’s experience.
“Digital Employees also learn from every past interaction to sharpen and perfect their skills,” says FaceMe CEO and winner of the Sir Richard Branson Virgin Business challenge, Danny Tomsett.

“Vai is highly conversational and has been trained through every interaction, as well as data available on the website. She embodies the AI experience with human like qualities, including a friendly personality and emotional understanding.

“Nothing can replace real human interaction and relationships but Vai frees up our officers’ time so they can deal with the really important aspects of their role.”

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