NEWS: The new face of customer service

Imagine a customer making a Skype call to your insurance company and being greeted by ‘Melissa’, your digital account manager. 

Melissa smiles and says, ‘Great to see you again, Jane. Are you calling about insuring your new laptop? 

'I noticed that you searched our site for information about adding a laptop to your policy last night. Or can I help you with something else?’ 

Once Jane confirms that she wants to set up a new insured item, the process is simple — Melissa takes her through a few easy steps, including biometric authentication to verify her identity and authority to make the changes. 

‘Great! I’ve just set that up for you!’ 

Beyond this interaction, Melissa is available 24/7 whenever Jane needs any further assistance. 

New Zealand-based AI technology company FaceMe can bring this experience to life via mobile, browser, phone and kiosk, and it’s gaining momentum. 

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