TV: Tech Biz, Sky News, features FaceMe’s Sophie


FaceMe's Sophie has made Sky News in Australia. 

FaceMe, creators of the first human-like interface powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to be used in Australasian banking, was at CEBIT 2018  to showcase digital humans. FaceMe believes digital humans are the future of banking, and we had Sky News’ Chris Griffiths visit our stand to cover the action.

Watch the full segment from 9:30 onwards here

MEDIA RELEASE: Digital humans will be showcased in Sydney at CEBIT 2018

FaceMe, creators of the first human-like interface powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to be used in Australasian banking, will be at CEBIT 2018 from15-18 May to showcase digital humans. FaceMe, who believes digital humans are the future of banking, will have a stand that enables 15 000 attendees of APAC’s largest and longest running B2B technology exhibition to interact with what they call a ‘Digital Assistant’.


60% of financial institutions are currently investing in robotics; and AI will be a $52 billion market by 2021. But now that we’ve gone digital, what will influence customer loyalty? “The future of banking will be about experience and not products,” believes Danny Tomsett, CEO of FaceMe. The company’s vision for banking is to “make digital banking more human” via its artificially intelligent Digital Assistant platform. 

71% of financial institutions believe that AI is capable of becoming the face of their brand. At CEBIT, FaceMe will showcase their technology at a kiosk set up for attendees to have a chat with their Digital Assistant Sophie. They will be able to interact with the Digital Assistant about a loan for something special; or even just to ask them about themselves (including their ability to recite poetry!).

In the USA earlier this month, one of FaceMe’s AI-powered Digital Assistants led the keynote speaker at a national Fintech conference through an interactive personal banking experience. The Digital Assistant demonstrated recognition and knowing the customer; showing value and individualisation and complete natural language understanding – as natural, infact, as talking to your bank manager – except this one is available 24/7 across any channel.

Nick Sokolich, VP Sales at FaceMe, adds: “The fintech revolution is here, and the way in which clients manage, spend, invest, share and borrow money has well and truly gone digital. But as much as this standardisation represents progress, it also represents risk. If everyone has gone digital – and if every conversation we have is digital – how do we differentiate or influence the customer experience? Businesses need to ask themselves: can our platforms be friendly? Can our platforms provide a unique, personalised service? Can our platform smile?”

To date, FaceMe has brought this experience to life over mobile, browser, phone and kiosk; and has been working with early adopters including market leaders across banking, Government and telecommunications.