"I want to be your next employee."

"I'm Sophie and I'm interested in working for your company.  I have previous experience in building brand loyalty and improving NPS scores for some world-class organizations." 

Watch Sophie introduce herself below, or book an appointment to meet her.

About Sophie

Sophie has a relentless work ethic; has never taken a day off sick  and has never had a single customer service claim against her. Her resume is impressive, but like any candidate, she will need to be properly on-boarded in order to be most effective. Yet unlike other candidates, she's only interested in work as a contractor - no full-time benefits or VISA issues to negotiate.

If you have 15 minutes, we can introduce you to Sophie and explain some of her previous work with other organizations, including VodafoneNAB and UBS


Note: The following video was created in less than five minutes using the FaceMe AI Platform. We simply sent Sophie text and advised her on how we wanted her to behave.