Retail Solutions

Differentiated retail experiences in a digital-first world.

Better for Customers



No Judgement

Customers avoid talking to a person when they feel they might be judged, but they know a Digital Human will never judge them

Available Immediately

Digital Humans are always available immediately, regardless of demand

'Super Brain'

Access thousands of answers, just one question away

Available Anywhere 24/7

Digital Humans are available on any channel: web, mobile, or in branch, even outside of business hours

Frictionless Recognition

Frictionless Biometric recognition means customers no longer need to verify they’re a customer

Better for You

Customer satisfaction and consistency


Digital Humans never have a bad day or a bad attitude and they always provide consistent answers to your customers


Digital humans can read emotion in a way other digital channels can’t, using this information to deliver better service


You only need to train your fleet of Digital Humans once, they will always be consistent and never forget


Digital humans can scale infinitely to meet high demand at low cost

Customer Experience Analytics

Use emotional and conversation analytics to understand what is working with your customers


Achieve What Chat Can’t


Brand value, loyalty
and trust


Convenient access to an endless number of customers around the clock

Embody your Brand

Create powerful customer experience that will embody your brand and increase value in a digital world


Differentiate your brand from others in a digital-first world through personalized experiences that increase your NPS


Face-to-face encounters are more effective in building trust and can make all the difference in closing a sale or customers taking your advice


Provide highly customised interactions with customers in real time – creating valuable emotional connection that will drive loyalty

The Concierge

A personalized experience for every

  • Reception desk registrations made easy
  • Streamline check-in processes at resorts and hotels

The Retail Assistant

Individual assistance for shoppers.

  • Expert on-tap product advice and answers to FAQ
  • Product advice and recommendations
  • Streamline pharmacy prescriptions

The Digital Security Officer

Improving the smooth, safe passage of infrastructure users.

  • Assisting passengers with FAQ at airport security checkpoints