Role: Senior Test Analyst

About the role

This Quality Assurance role is focused on validating that our digital employees are acting the way we need them to. This person will lead the quality and testing efforts to ensure quality and fit-for-purpose outcomes are achieved for our customers.

Benefits and perks

We offer competitive salary, equity in our growing company, a generous health insurance coverage and flexible working arrangements. But that is just part of it.

There are lots of great technology companies you could work for. We don't have a slide, paddle boards, or flashy YouTube recruitment videos but you get to work in the area that everyone is talking about, but few people are doing. Stop moving data from a web form to a database and back. Come and work with people who are experienced AI practitioners, experts in their field and problems that are more sophisticated than CRUD. 

You can probably count on one hand the companies in the world who are trying to do what we're doing. When you are first you have to solve all the hard problems. For example, what is the best way to regression test a conversation? How do you reliably understand who is talking to you when 2 people are involved in the conversation, sometimes interrupting each other? We want people who are prepared to solve these problems and others.

Skills and experience

Here's what we're looking for:

·        Experience in formulating test cases and plans from requirements and other scoping documents

·        Experience in Web testing frameworks and /or other testing automation

·        A pragmatic approach to sizing the test effort

·        Expertise in Windows OS with some experience in Linux desirable

·        Understanding of agile principles and modern software development project management approaches,                including Scrum, Kanban, etc

·        Excellent written and oral communication skills

·        Strong ability to work in a collaborative team

If this sounds like you, send your CV and a cover note to