The Telco of the Future

Going digital has increased efficiency and driven down cost – but often, customers can’t differentiate one telco brand from another (we call this digital commoditization). Using FaceMe’s platform, telcos can make digital conversations more human. Digital Humans can be trained in any number of telco roles. 

The Customer Advisor

A personalized experience for every telco customer.

  • Deliver personalized account advice, including choice of product
  • Provide branch assistance in store
"I recognize you through speech and visual (biometrics)."

The Customer Assistant

Individual assistance with everyday administration.

  • Streamline loan origination and on-boarding
  • Easy completion of forms via voice
  • Triage services delivered with empathy and understanding

The Employee Assistant

Empowering telco employees to deliver great outcomes for customers.

  • Provide employees with on-demand training
  • HR assistance, including employee wellness
  • Augmented training and development programmes
  • Facilitate debt collection
  • Partner with call center staff as first point of call 

The Multi Channel Sales Assistant

A friendly, consistent sales experience multi channel.

  • Answer FAQ about products and services
  • 'Up-sell' and 'cross sell' products

The Digital HR Assistant

Assistance with all HR-related matters with empathy and understanding. 

  • Recruitment
  • Dispute resolution
  • Employee wellness
  • Training and development