Work for FaceMe

We are a growing company and we are constantly looking for talented people across a number of areas to join our team. If you have a real passion to work at FaceMe and you think you can impress us then get in contact with us.

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We are currently actively looking for people with skills in these areas:

  • Project leaders: We are looking for both technical and non technical people who can help lead implementation projects we run with our customers. Project management and communication skills are a must

  • Engine Developer: We are looking for a senior engineer with plenty of experience working with rendering and game engines. 3d mathematics and machine learning is also highly desired. You’ll be working on our machine learning systems, game engine and work closely with our character artists and animators on how we utilise the latest advances in gaming, animation and graphics platforms.

  • Machine Learning Engineer: We are looking for engineers with practical experience in training and applying machine learning models. C++ experience is a must with media streaming and game programming experience a bonus.