AI is now ready.

Human like conversational interfaces are key to customer adoption.

We help organisations focus on creating amazing experiences at scale.


Have more meaningful conversations with your customers...


FaceMe Eeva is our omni-channel virtual assistant platform: The embodiment of Artificial Intelligence... we believe this is the future of front-line support!

FaceMe Connect

FaceMe Connect is a Video + Content Agent service that instantly connects your customers to your contact centre operations through simple & intuitive integration.

Latest News!

  • In my 20 years collaboration experience, with 11 years as Vice President of the US's largest conferencing provider, I've never seen anything as revolutionary.
    — Sean H Gordon, CEO, Intelliverse (Ex VP of InterCall)
  • Video enables us to create unique customer experiences. What we are finding through feedback is that our customers are loving the experience.
    — Harry Ferreira, Head of Small Business, Bank of New Zealand
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