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Emotional Connection – Powered by AI

"Research across hundreds of brands in dozens of categories shows the most effective way to maximize customer value is to move beyond customer satisfaction and connect with customers at an emotional level." - Harvard Business Review

It’s proven – we can only do so much with chat. Open up the power of conversation through body language, tone and expression via our platform to create meaningful experiences that your customers will value.

Powered by AI, FaceMe’s intelligent Digital Human platform supercharges your brand’s ability to create incredible, real-time interaction based on tailored content and memorable personas who build emotional connection with your customers using the power of the human face.

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Why Digital Humans?

71% of end users say talking with a Digital Human is a natural, convincing and satisfying interaction

Natural Interactions

88% of end users say it is easy to use a Digital Human and that interactions feel natural

Being Authentic

97% of end users say they trust the information they are given by a Digital Human

Building Trust

67% of end users say they would trust a Digital Human with their personal information

Customer Loyalty

98% of end users say a Digital Human is pleasant to interact with

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